Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ubud Painting Class September 5th '15

She adding brush and colors for previous painting she did, came out much nicer and strong and interesting painting, when she start paint abstract subject always interesting but have to make whole painting have to make it interesting it's not only the part.

This land scape painting is getting much better because of has most of element painting news is there.
color, texture, line, pattern, shape, form, design.
Good depth with front and back and has nice rich space between, good.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ubud Painting Class August 29th '15

She finished previous painting with nice color support of yellow ocher  and white is trimmed main subject to comes out, nice painting.

nice pleasant landscape of farm and light is good, sky has character of fall and time for harvest.
nice wide and big depth.

Bali village scene, stud pig for making babies, interesting subject to paint and looking forward to see finished.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ubud Painting Class August 22nd '15

She painted classic dancer of Bali and blue skin is very hidu and nice expression of face and she is ready to dance, very good.

Her night landscape makes deep feeling and also color is deep, mysterious light in night also some story of night.

She continue previous painting and adding few more colors and made surface smooth some of shape, when you see horizontal way looks like some still life composition of abstract, interesting.

This is also old painting she touched today and makes so cute and image is some petting animal like but very simple composition and solid composition makes subject more existing 

It is nice composition and good movement of shape and already has quality of good abstraction, wait until finished.

she wants to paint plumeria  flower but need more background color to shoe subject as positive and negative idea, also need design to make your own composition.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ubud Painting Class August 15th '15

She painted with nice light stroke by brush, to make composition and center put some flower kind of cane but also some ritual symbol of cane too, and other background is some shape of energy, looks interesting and nice to see light painting too.

Her land scape from her photograph and looks really deep blue makes daytime almost night time and  interesting to see the finish.

She try to finish previous painting from last week and she made much richer and more texture and more everything which mede it richer. nice soft floating movement still left which is good.

Her first time in class made a maybe a little confuse, but she has so soft and delicate tone of colors,and interesting high light on egg shape makes this painting with light.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ubud Painting Class August 8th '15

It has quality of Magical painting as queen or witch, but has very positive colors and must be a good queen of magic. without face of abstraction is nice.

She is trying to paint by mono tone colors which makes painting antique or old image as this motif, deep blue makes depth for back ground and she will finish next week for this.

She painted girl working at waling and good smile and cheerful painting, good expression she captured and pleasant painting.

Her first time oil painting is dreamy and her imaginary image and story, nice soft pastel colors and showing direction of floating which makes movement in painting, good.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ubud Painting Class August 1st '15

It has nice contrast of textured paint and different touch of paint, one is sharp straight stroke and other is pointillism touch and showing two different dimension, interesting painting, also mice colors.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ubud Painting Class June 27th '15

It has interesting color for lotus after bloomed, it is like end of flower but still has something going on, spotted light and soft background has good contrast.

Nice colors and especially the warm color (red ) is lively and feel like flame, and good movement in the dark cold color which is good contrast, it is live.

It has beautiful colors and light and shade in color, looks like sunset sky but color changing to bottom nicely and good painting.

it is like study piece of painting but will change after she finished as trinity series of flower, strong charcoal  drawing is nice.

Color is little bit light and hard to see the image without contrast soft but no impact of image.